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Fluoride-Free Flyers and Logos

David Michael, BSc, MSc, PEng
Fluoride Free Advocates
February 24th, 2013

Fluoride-Free Flyers and Logos

Here are the Fluoride-Free flyers and logos. These are open-source and public domain now. You can send the PDF out directly via e-mail attachment.

Click here for the flyer PDF. These print 3 per page. They print well in black and white or color. Distribute as many as you want. Those receiving these can print more from the link on the flyer.

Click on these links for the Get the F Out logo.

All images can be re-sized for bumper stickers, small stickers and buttons, signs, banners, billboards.

If you have comments or would like to tell me how you are using these materials, please e-mail me at augie@livingfood.us.

Have F-un,

David Michael, BSc, MSc, PEng
State-Licensed Chemical/Environmental Engineer

P.S. If you want it in Spanish, French or the Australian version let me know. If you want a modifiable version for PhotoDraw or equivalent for a $10 gift you can contact me.

Fluoride Poisoning

Support Anti-Fluoride Initiatives in 2013!

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  • MrAugie Augenstein

    Nice site! I see you put up my flyers!

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